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EVC Grad Students

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3-5 Reflections 

Rehearsal Plan Kids (3:15 Jameelah interviews) Canon practice as kids arrive 3:32 Hello There - Nicole Blues -Jameelah with Clayton on bass 3:38 Warm Up and Who Will Buy? - Jeanne 3:45 Stodola Pumpa - Jameelah 3:53 Caterpillar- Clayton 4:00 Rain, You'll Never Guess- Nicole 4:10 Just From the Kitchen- Jameelah 4:20 Jazz-Man - Nicole …

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2-12 Reflections 

Kids "Hello There" Warm Up (ta and ti ti) Blues Improv - Jameelah "Who Will Buy?" "Caterpillar" - Clayton "You'll Never Guess what I Saw" Youth Warm up "Everyone Talks of the Weather" cannon "Give Me a Kite" - Quinn "Tiger" "Here Comes the Sun" "Give Us Hope"

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